We spent a long time finding expert manufacturers in China, who met our high standards and who we felt proud to partner with. To protect our standards we have also put together an ethical watchdog team on the ground in China. Their job is to manage all our operations there, especially ensuring all of our partner clothing manufacturers abide to our strict Supplier Conditions. We insist our partners scrupulously adhere to our audit protocol, and our team is busy inspecting working conditions, working hours, health and safety and the environmental impact of the manufacturing units. Third party experts are invited in regularly to inspect our production facilities and work with us to improve any shortcomings.

The manufacturing partners we have chosen are approved under a thorough BSCI ( Business Social Compliance Initiative) audit. This is a globally recognised industry performance indicator covering everything from working conditions, health and safety, reasonable hours, good wages, equality of employment, fair treatment and the provision of an enjoyable work environment. We and our partners are totally committed to the prohibition of child labour, forced labour and discrimination in the workplace.

We are also committed to minimising the impact on the environment of our packaging. We want people to be able to hike in the great outdoors – not contribute to spoiling it! Our mailing bags are made from biodegradable plastic which breaks down fast when disposed.

This is all a new world for us but we are trying our hardest to make it an ethical, sustainable and honest one. We have tried to create a supply chain for our products that has integrity running through every link and seam. We promise that we will continue to work hard to improve our product and our production so that we can feel justifiably proud of what we have made.